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MARKUS PRACHENSKY   Rythmes des Calanques
Nuova Edizione 2023, CARINI Stampatore Editore 


Rythmes des Calanques, 2023

Pigmenti all'acqua stampati in serigrafia a 28 colori su carta Saunders Waterford 638 g, 103,5 x 152,5 cm

Edizione: 20 numeri arabi, 10 numeri romani, 6 H.C.

La firma dell'artista è stampata. In ogni esemplare, nell'angolo inferiore destro, è presente il timbro a secco dell'edizione.



Portfolio of ten prints


The occasion of the tenth anniversary of  Markus Prachensky’s death 

the idea came up to publish a portfolio with ten prints – one sujet for every year.

Valerio Carini and I  made a selection from these paper works and the Stamperia Carini 

printed them during the last years. It is a tribute to my late husband.


Brigitte Prachensky




Edition: 30 arabic numerals, 10 roman numerals, 10 H. C.

Printer and publisher CARINI San Giovanni Valdarno, Italy

The artist’s signature is printed.
Each print has this embossed stamp in the lower corner.


PRACHENSKY, California revisited (print)300px.jpg

California revisited. 2001
Silkscreen in 8 colours on Revere Magnani paper 280 g,

size 76 x 56,5 cm.


In the late Sixties Markus lived almost three years in California. In the late Nineties we made several trips to California, before he painted this series.

PRACHENSKY California miles (print) 300px.jpg

California Miles. 2002

Silkscreen in 7 colours on Saunders Waterford paper 425 g, size 57 x 75,5 cm.

These works, also influenced by Californian landscapes, were painted while listening to the music by Miles Davis (Miles smiles).



PRACHENSKY Cinque terre (no print) 300px.jpg

Cinque Terre. 2003

Silkscreen  in 7 colours on Revere Magnani paper 330 g, size 56 x 76 cm.


There is an area in Italy called Cinque Terre. There you can only walk or go by boat along the coast to see the five villages situated on the Italian Riviera. 

We decided for the boat.

PRACHENSKY Senatus populusque romanus (print) 300px.jpg

Senatus Populusque Romanus. 2004

Silkscreen and lithograph in 9 colours on Pescia Edition Magnani paper 400 g,

size 56 x 76 cm.


Rome was the favorite city of Markus, where we have been approximately forty times. After decades of studying Roman history he painted three series within three years – the so called cycle IMPERIUM ROMANUM.




PRACHENSKY Senatus consultum (print) 300px.jpg

Senatus Consultum. 2005

Silkscreen in 9 colours on Revere Magnani paper 280 g, size 76 x 56,5 cm.


S.C. these two letters can be found on the reverse of all Roman coins. It means that the Senate gave approval and permission to mint the coins. Markus was a passionate collector of Roman coins and had a great knowledge of it.






PRACHENSKY Farnesina dixie (print) 300px.jpg

Farnesina Dixie. 2006

Silkscreen in 10 colours on Moulin Richard de Bas paper 240 g, size 78 x 57 cm.


Villa Farnesina, built by Agrippa in the Twenties b.c. had beautiful frescoes, some on a fine grey background, they were transferred to the Museo Nazionale Romano which  we visited very often. The second part of the title Farnesina Dixie refers to the music 

Markus was listening to during work, Dixieland!

PRACHENSKY Swing de Provence (print) 300px.jpg

Swing de Provence. 2007

Silkscreen and lithograph in 6 colours on Acquerello Magnani paper 500 g, 

size 56  x 76 cm.


We loved to travel to France, especially to the Provence, to see the buildings in Saint-Rémy, Aix, Orange, Arles and the landscapes of the Luberon, the Alpes Maritimes, the rocks of Les Mées, Sisteron, Les Beaux and Roussilon. Swing-Music  accompanied his work.



PRACHENSKY Korsika Bebop (print) 300px.jpg

Korsika Bebop. 2008

Silkscreen and lithograph in 9 colours on Acquerello Magnani paper 400 g, 

size 56 x76 cm.


Bebop was the music Markus was listening to working on this series. The cliffs in the North-West of the island and the red ledge of  l’île Rousse and  La Scandola are reflected in  these paintings.




PRACHENSKY rythmes des calanques (print) 300px.jpg

Rythmes des Calanques. 2009

Silkscreen in 10 colours on Artistico Fabriano paper 640 g, size 76,5 x 56 cm. 


The Calanques, more than twenty kilometers of  cliffs between Cassis and Marseilles, gave this series its name. We chartered a helicopter , starting in Vence and flew over the Côte d’Azur to Marseilles and then several times along the Massif des Calanques, a breathtaking impression.

PRACHENSKY La battaglia di san Romano.(print) 300.jpg

La Battaglia di San Romano – Firenze. 2010

Silkscreen in 8 colours on  Moulin Richard de Bas paper, 240 g, size 57 x 78 cm.


This series is also titled  Omaggio a Paolo Uccello. Uccello was a Florentine painter of the early Renaissance. In the middle of the century he painted a triptych La Battaglia di San Romano. One of the paintings is owned by the Louvre, one by  the National Gallery in London, one by  the Uffizi in Florence, Markus visited all of them several times since he was a student. He was fascinated by them and created his own cycle. Prachensky’s paintings have different ground colours,  referring to the paintings by Uccello; for this Portfolio we chosed Firenze.

MArkus Prachensky Etruria




At the end of the 1970ies my husband Markus Prachensky watched a documentary film on Television about the Etruscans. Of course, he knew a lot about the Etruscan history and especially the Etruscan art. But he never had seen pictures from the Necropolises with the graves, the tumuli and painted tombs. Thus we were traveling for the next years criss-cross through the Etruscan Italy, we were several times at Norchia to see the temple-tombs cut in rocks, the Necropolises of Orvieto, Sutri, Sovana, Vulci, Cerveteri, and, of course, the Necropolis of Tarquinia with their impressive paintings in the graves.


From 1980-1984 Prachensky worked in his studio on the paintings titled Etruria, Etruria meridionale, Etruria Blues, Etruria orizontale.


Valerio Carini, who has already printed several editions of Prachensky’s graphic works and who particularly fell in love with the Etruscan Paintings, convinced him to publish a portfolio of six prints from the Etruria-series in a limited edition.


After my husband’s death Valerio Carini and I felt that it was important to edit this portfolio Etruria in memoriam Markus Prachensky.


Brigitte Prachensky

Portfolio of six lithographs in colours, printed on Arches paper 300 gr, size 57 x 76,5 cm.
Edition: 35 arabic numerals 1/35 - 35/35, 15 roman numerals I/XV - XV/XV, 10 H.C

Each lithograph has this embossed stamp in the lower left corner.




December 2012





Etruria Blues (II)


Etruria Blues





Etruria meridionale



Etruria orizzontale


Other prints of Markus Prachensky
Swing de Provence, 2008.jpg

Swing de Provence, 2008

Silkscreen on Acquerello-Magnani paper 400 g, 76 x 56 cm.



Maremma, 2002

Lithograph and silkscreen on Pescia-Magnani paper 300 g, 56 x 76 cm.


Senatus Populusque Romanus, 2002
Silkscreen on Acquerello-Magnani paper 400 g, 56 x 76 cm.

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