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Nodo, 1999

Girointondo, 2009

Gianni Dessì, Nodo,1999.jpg
Gianni Dessì, Girointondo, 2010.jpg
Gianni Dessì, Nodo, 1999


Nodo, 1999


Lithograph and silkscreen 29 x 32.5 cm, printed in 21 colors on Arches paper, 63 x 48 cm.

Edition numbered and signed  by the artist: 75 Arabic numbers, 10 Roman numbers, 5  proofs numbered



Gianni Dessì,Girointondo, 2009

Girointondo,, 2009


Relief, silkscreen and manual intervention, printed on oval hand-paper Aetna Sicars 650 g, 71.5 x 51.5 cm, full margin.

Edition numbered and signed by the artist: 40 copies.

The work is mounted on oval passepartout.

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